Thursday, March 8

St. Patty's Day Designs

I found some super cute embroidery designs for St. Patrick's Day, and there are lots more where these came from!

How about this, from Urban Threads ?

Or this, from Embroidery Library ?

Or this, from Robben's Nest Stitchery ?
Cute...cute...cute...Just perfect for your favorite Leprechaun!

Wednesday, March 7

New Logo

As you may have noticed, we have a brandy new logo. Iwanted to do something a bit more simple and graphic. I worked with "The Logo Company" - an online group that creates logos. Check them out at:

I found their website and process really simple and very well priced. I filled out a form that asked a ton of questions about my business concept and design preferences. They sent me 5 logo concepts, from which I picked 1 to revise and finalize. The process was quick and in the end I received my logo in all of the formats I would need to us on the web and in print media.

I am currently working on another logo with them. The new logo is for a future Robben's Nest Stitchery venture......more details to follow!

Friday, March 2

Fresh New Start

I have been away from the blog for quite some time...working in my business instead of on it. After following so many lovely blogs over the last year, I have come to the realization that blogging will be a great way to rediscover my love for what I do as well as develop new ideas for the future. I have tons of ideas percolating away and cannot wait to share them with you! So...let's get started!